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This is NOT some monthly-fee SEO company, no monthly fees, no hidden agenda...just an intensive weekend workshop where you learn ‘Highly Guarded Secrets’ of EXACTLY how to get your website to TOTALLY DOMINATE your area!...Legally stealing potential patients from other doctors simply because you are the one they find online!

The Internet Domination Bootcamp is a weekend seminar that teaches you step-by-step how to utterly dominate the internet in your area with your practice.

Most doctors shy away from the ‘internet’ details because it is complicated and requires a lot of nerd-esque training...not true!  We walk you through each step on what to do (you do it at the workshop) and so that you ‘get the big idea’ on this Top-Secret internet Kung-Fu.  

At the Bootcamp, you will learn our chiropractic internet marketing recipe that will ‘unlock’ your website and push it to the top of the search engines.  The downside of this for your competitors in town is that it will push their websites down towards the bottom of the results page!

Don’t be one of the doctors who get sloshed by another doctor learning our internet secret sauce...instead be the guy getting all the new patients and leave the others baffled how you did it.

Although we teach you some downright sneaky chiropractic online marketing stuff at the Bootcamp, we don’t want your competitors to know about it - we require all attendees to sign our non-disclosure documents.  This protects you more than us.

Each Bootcamp contains the most up-to-date chiropractic internet marketing techniques to dominate the web.  That being said, we often have doctor ‘re-tread’ the Bootcamps and we actually reserve 1/3 of the seats for these re-dos as the internet keeps evolving - we want you to as well!


This is the truth about it: we have time-tested some exact chiropractic online marketing techniques and have successfully taught over 100 doctors our system to dominate.

All prior attendees who have implemented the Bootcamp methods are generating at least 3x the number of new patients from the internet than pre-bootcamp.  Who likes those numbers?

We are not building you a website - instead we are unlocking your current sites potential, then super juicing it with a dozen powerful chiropractor internet marketing methods to push it up the ranks.

If you website sucks, we will let you know how to fix it.  However, many chiropractic websites will do just fine.

Have multiple websites?  You can use this kung-fu on each of them!

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I am surprised that I learned the amount that I did as
I do not have much, or any, website experience.  I know
how to find things on the internet ...and now I know how
to get found!
- Dr Jason B., Southern Cali

Chiropractic Internet Marketing